Japanese Nanga Art Book-TAIGADO GAFU-Ike No Taiga



Object: Taigado gafu 大雅堂画譜 (Taigado Painting Manual)

2 Volume smaller size ed. of great classic of Nanga art bookks with beautiful woodcut impressions and colors, in very clean, very good condition. Incorporates motifs assembled from Taiga’s works by his disciples after his death. The book is associated with the founding of the Taigado, a sort of Taiga memorial hall, at Maruyama in Kyoto.

According to the British Museum this ed. was made by So Geppo after Ike No Taiga in the late 18th / early 19th c. Edo period (1973,0723,0.129.2). A One vol. larger size ed. was published in 1803.

Ike No Taiga (1723-1776) was a famous Japanese painter, calligrapher and print maker from Kyoto (Bunjinga School, Edo period). So Geppo (1760-1839) was Taiga’s most important pupil.

Size: 12.3 x 18.7 cm (booklet) or 24.7 x 18.7 (images).

Woodblock-printed in folding album format (vol.1, 18 folding double sheets; vol.2, 15 folding double sheets). Paper type with chainlines.

Condition: very good. Vol. 2 (green) has a tear in the blank first page, not effecting the pages with imagery (see scan). Please study scans carefully.

Ref: C.H. Mitchell 509/510 Example B.

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