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Copperplate engraving on verge type hand laid paper with watermark. on paper.

Size in cm: The overall size is ca. 15.5 x 19.5 cm. The image size is ca. 11.5 x 9 cm. Size in inch: The overall size is ca. 6.1 x 7.7 inch. The image size is ca. 4.5 x 3.5 inch.

Plate: ‘De bitze Nijd zeer graag een oog verliezen wou, Wanneer de Deugd daar voor twee oogen missen zou.’ (The sharp toned envy would love to lose one eye, if virtue would then loose two eyes.) Apollos is send by Jupiter to earth to research the human spirit. This plate illustrates how envy is bad as it is ready to suffer to cause even greater suffering by others. This attractive original old antique print / plate originates from: ‘Toonneel des Menschelikken Levens door I.V. Vondelen …’, first published in 1661. This is a well-known book of emblematic book where human kind is being told how to lead its life pure, honourable and enjoyable. Lessons from poetry, history, ethics and literature are quoted above and below the image. This is a 1661 edition published by Jacobus vanden Bergh, Amsterdam.Artists and Engravers: The author and poet of this work is Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679). He was a Dutch writer and playwright. He is considered the most prominent Dutch poet and playwright of the 17th century. The engraving is engraved by unknown engraver.

Condition: Fine. General age related toning and occasional light staining from handling as visible on image. Some damp staining at the bottom of the page, nog effecting image.



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