Rare Antique Print-JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT-ACTOR-Kunisada-1859



Japanese woodblock print depicting an actor.

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Woodblock print on oriental paper paper.
Sheet size: 24 x 36 cm. (9,4 x 14,2 inch). Image size: 24 x 36 cm. (9,4 x 14,2 inch).

Source unknown, to be determined. rbos-263

Made by ‘Utagawa Kunisada’ after own design. Utagawa Kunisada II (1823-1880) was a Japanese ukiyo-e printmaker, one of three to take the name “Utagawa Kunisada.” He was a pupil of Utagawa Kunisada I. He signed much of his early work ‘Baido Kunimasa III.’ He took the name Kunisada after marrying his master’s eldest daughter in 1846. He changed his name once more following his master’s death, to Toyokuni III. However, since there were three artists called Toyokuni before him, Kunisada II is now often known as Toyokuni IV. Kunisada II is renowned for his prints. His favourite subjects were pleasure-houses and tea ceremonies with geishas acting as chaperones.

Condition: Good, given age. Overall light creasing and some thin paper spots. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.



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Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1 cm


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