Raphael Johann STEIDELE Lehrbuch von der Hebammenkunst Wien: 1775. First edition




Manual for obstetrics, illustrated with 26 detailed plates.Lehrbuch von der HebammenkunstRaphael Johann Steidele (1737-1823) was a teacher and director of a private school for obstetrics from 1771. From 1797 to 1817 he was a professor at Vienna University. The realistic plates follow closely those from William Hunter’s ‘Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus’ (Edinburgh, 1774).Wien (Vienna): Joh. Thom. Edl. v. Trattnern, 1775. First edition.8vo. [xxxii], 482 pp. Unbound copy.An allegorical title vignette and 26 detailed engraved folding plates.Fair copy: The bound bookblock only, without cover. As a result, the title page and final plate description page are quite soiled and browned. Some creasing in the top margin corner of the final pages (not affecting text). Final page nearly detached.

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