Convolute of 3 books with original manuscript additions. Rare and unique.


Convolute of 3 books:

  1. Het Swart Toneel-Gordyn … 4th. ed., 3 parts, first published in 1698, 1677 and 1678; title engraving, 2 portraits, larger folding engraving, 3 scenes; 1 circular emblem, lacks page 23/24.
  2. Palamedes … by Joost van den Vondel,  first published in 1680 by Michiel de Groot.
  3. Broedermoort …, first published in 1720 by Wed. G. de Groot en A. van Dam.

Book 2,3 bound with blank pages with manuscript annotations, dated 1745. In the rear a 12-page (plus title page) poem in manuscript writing titled: ‘Op den Wel Edelen gestrengen Heere Mr. Cornelis de Wit tot Burgemeestr der Stadt Dordrecht Verheven.’, by Jan Hudde Dedel. Followed by a 3-page latin manuscript writing by Pieter Hoeufft. It is interesting to note that Jan Hudde Dedel actually published this poem in the same year 1745! Jan Hudde Dedel (1702-1777) was amongst others postmaster, sheriff and Mayor of The Hague. He was an admirer of poetry. Mr. Pieter Hoeufft (1708-1778) was a Mayor of Dordrecht.

Given that the manuscript writing is from the same hand we assume Pieter Hoeufft was the author, although it could possibly be by Dedel as well. Handwriting analysis was not done yet. I any case a very interesting book and document.


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