Antique Prints-FRENCH ARMY-Dero-Becker-1840


Collection of 140 historic prints of the French Army from 1786-1854.


‘Armee Francaise de 1786 a 1854’ with all 140 beautiful handcoloured crayon style lithographs of the French army only. This series is part of ‘Galerie Militaire. Collection des costumes militaires de toutes les nations.’, published in Paris by Dero-Becker, c. 1840-1855.

The complete Collection consists of 302 plates by Coulon and others after Victor Adam and others. (first part) A second part was published with an additional 93 plates. These cover armies of various countries. This collection consits of the French army plates only. We found reference that only 90 copies were published (?). We did not find auction sales of complete copies, only partial collections. As such we assume this work is rare.

Plates roughly cover the following periods:

  • Ancient to 1791: c. 9 plates.
  • First Republic (1792-1804): c. 7 plates.
  • Empire (1804-1814): c. 28 plates.
  • 1815-1830: c. 22 plates.
  • 1840-1845: c. 30 plates.
  • c.1847: c. 8 plates.
  • 1851-1854: c. 35 plates.

Plates are mostly in very good condition. Some plates with some foxing and a few plates have oxidation to the lead whites. Plates are crayon style lithographs, which have been meticulously handcoloured and heightened with an eggwhite substance.

Size: Quarto (c. 24×28.5cm). Custom bound and tooled with gold.

Reference: Lipperheide Qk42, Colas 1161, Hiler 350.

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