Original manuscript letter – Abbaye de Floreffe – [Prince Eugene of Savoy, 1719.]


Original handwritten letter by Prince Eugene of Savoy, written in 1719.


This handwritten letter was written in 1719 by Prince Eugene of Savoy to Count Lannoy de Clervaux. Prince Eugene was thanking him for the information send in regards to a collection from l’Abbaye de Floreffe (Floreffe Abbey,  a Norbertine / Premonstratensian abbey south of Namur, Belgium), as advised by the Marquis de Prié. This information was also made available to Frere Guillaume de la Haye, possibly the responsible monk at the Abbey.

Prince Eugene of Savoy (French; 1663-1736) was a famous military commander and patron of the Arts. The Belvedere Palace in Vienna, today still reflects this patronage. As a military commander he was rejected by the French court to allign himself with the Habsburg Imperial Court in Vienna. He led the Imperial armies succesfully in many battles. In 1716 he became the Governor of the Southern / Austrian Netherlands, but he directed policy from Vienna through the interim Governor the Marquis de Prié until 1724.

Count Adrien-Gerard Lannoy de Clervaux was Gouverneur (Governor) of the Province of Namur for the Imperial and Catholic Emperor from 1715-1730.

The Marquis de Prié (Italian; 1658-1726) was born as Ercole Giuseppe Lodovico Turinetti, marchese di Priero e di Pancalieri or Marchese di Prie. He made himself very unpopular during his tenure.

The influential Floreffe Abbey was founded in 1121 by Norbert of Xanten. It was the second Abbey  of the Premonstratensian Order. Guillaume de la Haye was possibly a member of this order, but we have not been able to verify this yet.

The letter is written in ink on fine hand laid paper with original folding and seal. Images show the object in folded and open conditions. Size (open): c. 21,5 x 33 cm.

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