Emblem 1-Water my Garden-Love-Putti-Angel [After SNYDERS, 1626]



2. Rigabo Hortum meum – (Water my garden.) Delicate and very scarse engraving of a human and divine angelic figures planting and watering symbolizing love to be planted and chrished.

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2. Rigabo Hortum meum

Engraving on hand laid (verge type) paper.
Sheet size: 8,5 x 13 cm. Image size: 6 x 8 cm.

From: “Amoris divini et humani effectus varii Sacrae Scripturae Sanctorumque PP. sententiis ac Gallicis versibus illustrati.”, by Michael Snyders, published in Antwerp, 1626. First edition of this rare and delicate collection of 48 emblems (incl. title) on human and divine love, published a few years after Vaenius Amores divini emblemata.

Made by Gillis van Schoor after Michael Snyders. Aegidius / Gilles van Schoor / Verschoren (1596-after 1626) was a Flemish engraver from Antwerp. He was a pupil of Theodoor Galle. Michael / Michiel Martin Snyders (1586-1672) was a Flemish draughtsman, engraver and publisher from Antwerp.

Condition: Good, given age. Some soiling and light staining. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.



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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm


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