Catalogue of available Antique Prints-HOURGLASS-DEATH-MOMENTO MORI-Various



  1. Old man facing death. By anonymous. Image: 17.3 x 13.6 cm. – SOLD
  2. ‘Siegesgeschrey des Tods.’ (Triumf of Death.) By Conrad Meyer after Rudolph Meyer. From a Dance of Death edition published by Johann Jakob Bodmer in 1650. Image c. 9.3 x 14 cm. – SOLD
  3. From a series: ‘Nulla sine labor e virtus.’ (Virtues and trades practiced in Bologna.) Plate 6: allegorical figures of fame, honour and time. By Francisco Curti (c.1603-1670) after Giovanni Maria Tamburini (c.1600-c.1660). Published by Vettor Romagni c. 1640-1660. Rare. Image: c. 23.5 x 13.5 cm. – SOLD

    4. ‘Vous vous referrez un jour!’ A young man leaning against an allegorical figure of time pointing at an allegorical female figure of hope. By Pierre Michel Alix after Louis Lafitte. Published by Jean Frederic Ostervald c.1804-1815. Etching and aquating. Image c. 41.5 x 35 cm. – SOLD

    5. Stillive with hourglass, vase and books. Lithograph. 19th.c. Image c. 37.5 x 24.5 cm – SOLD


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