Antique Print-Brabant-NETHERLANDS-BELGIUM-Guicciardini-van Deutecom-1616



This plate shows Brabant in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Subject: Title: ‘Brabantiae descriptio’. This plate shows Brabant in the Netherlands and Belgium. Inset map of the Mechelen region.

Condition: Excellent given age, with original middle fold as issued with watermark. Nice dark impression.

Medium: Copperplate etching and engraving on a verge type of hand laid paper.

Size (in cm): The overall size is ca. 39 x 30.5 cm. The image size is ca. 31 x 23 cm.

Size (in inch): The overall size is ca. 15.4 x 12 inch. The image size is ca. 12.2 x 9.1 inch.

Part Number: 38716

Location: PCO-P7-20 / Expo-191

Description: This map originates from the 1616 edition of ‘Discrittione di tutti i Paesi Bassi’, by L. Guicciardini, published by Blaeu. We carry most maps from this book which was published from 1581-1648.

Artists and Engravers: The author of the book this old print originates from is Lodovico Guicciardini (1521-1589): an Italian merchant from aristocratic descent. He was born in Florence, a son of Jacopo Guicciardini. His uncle was the famous author Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540) who wrote ‘La historia di Italia’. The Guicciardini family established a presence in Antwerp and in 1541 Lodovico arrived to work with his uncle. Lodovico apparently started writing in 1552 and in 1556 he published his first work ‘Comentarii della……’, about European history. In 1567 he got the ‘Descrittione….’ published. He wrote a few more works. In 1569 he landed in jail because he has critisized Alva’s policies. In 1582 he landed in jail again because he apparently knew Jean Jaur�guy, who tried to kill William of Orange, but he was released soon. Although he had been prosperous at times he ended a poor man. He died march 22, 1589. Engraver: Johannes van Doetecum jr. (c. 1570-1630), reknown member of the van Deutecom family of engravers, originating from Deventer, The Netherlands.



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