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Copperplate etching and engraving on verge type hand laid paper. on paper.

Size in cm: The overall size is ca. 42.5 x 34 cm. The image size is ca. 35 x 26.5 cm. Size in inch: The overall size is ca. 16.7 x 13.4 inch. The image size is ca. 13.8 x 10.4 inch.

Plate : ‘De Raam-Poort in 1786.’ (View of the Raampoort in Amsterdam). This plate shows a pittoresk scene of Amsterdam. Approx. Age indication of 1783 (see description). This rare authentic old antique print / plate originates from: ‘Nieuwe atlas, van de voornaamste gebouwen en gezigten der stad Amsterdam, met derzelver beknopte beschryvingen.’ (transl.: New Atlas of the most important buildings and views of Amsterdam, including their short descriptions.) or ‘Afbeeldingen van de wyd-vermaarde koopstad Amsterdam / Recueil des �difices les plus considerables … ‘ (1778 oblong edition), 1783 or 1805 ed., by Pierre Fouquet Jr., published in Amsterdam 1760-1805. First published as individual prints, later bound in the books above. These beautiful prints represent a walk through Amsterdam in the late 18th c., when almost all it’s historic buildings were still in existence. Artists and Engravers: Publisher: artist and art dealer Pierre Fouquet Jr. (1729-1800). The first series of 10 townscapes having been issued in 1760-61 engraved by Paul van Liender and Simon Fokke after the drawings by the well-known engraver of town- and landscapes Jan de Beyer (plates nr. 4, 10, 12, 15, 45, 50, 61, 72, 52-3), followed in 1764-68 by a series of 12 scapes by Caspar Philips Jacobsz. (plates nr. 20, 22, 17-9, 21, 9, 23-4, 8, 73, 75), who also engraved the plates after J. de Vlaaming in 1768-69 (plates 27,14). The latest dated plate is from 1771 by C. Philips Jacobsz. (plate 25). 73 plates are undated, 59 of which are by the mysterious H. Schoute who never dated his engravings and seldom signed them. Other artist who contributed to the Atlas are C. Bogerts (after H. (not N.) Keun. plate 4*), J. van der Schley after P.R. van Dijk (plate 69-70) and Coppier and Simon Fokke after six more drawings by Jan de Beyer who cooperated during more than six years. This plate by P. Conradi and V. v.d. Plaats .

Condition: Excellent given age. General age related toning. Original fold lines as issued. Please study scan carefully.


(PCO) B48-48

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