Antique Drawing-PORTRAIT CHRISTIAAN CORNELIS-Anonymous-1807



Portrait of Christiaan Cornelis.

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‘Christiaan Cornelis matroos op het Hollandsch Kof schip De Vriendschap, die zig van dezen bodem na dat dezelve door de Franschen genomen was, met veel bravoure meester gemaakt en den 1 Augustus 1794 te Vlissingen opgebracht heeft.’ Christiaan Cornelis stands on a ship, his left arm in a mitella, in his other a sword. Cornelis recaptured on 31 juli 1794 a kofship captured by the French on which he had served as a sailor. After he returned the ship to Vlissingen he was awarded a silver tobacco case by the Admiral van Kinsbergen. The text below explains his heroic action.

This drawing is based on a mezzotint engraving by C.H. Hodges after a drawing by J. Perkois made in 1794/96.

By A.M.J. ? (erased), Haren 1807.

Size Image. 23.5 x 32.5 cm. attached to a larger sheet (portrait).

Medium: Pen and washed ink on wove paper.

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