2 Antique Satire Prints-CANCELLED PLAY-HORSE-THEATRE-Ver Huell-1873



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Crayon type lithograph printed from several lithographic stones creating the image and background tone. on paper.

Size in cm: The overall size is ca. 36 x 22 cm. The image size is ca. 22 x 14 cm. Size in inch: The overall size is ca. 14,2 x 8,7 inch. The image size is ca. 8,7 x 5,5 inch.

Plate:’Voorspoorhistorische Schets.’ (Historic scetch of events before the train being available.) This plate shows students wanting to attend the play ‘Robert le Diable’ in the Hague. They hurry with horses through the bad weather, but upon arrival the play is cancelled. Scan does not show the complete page, which is larger. A text page (not shown) is included. This original lithograph originates from ‘Jeugd, Studenten Schetsen.’ (Youth, Student Sketches), a bundle of satirical sketches depicting the Leiden Student life. Many plates include Ver Huell.Artists and Engravers: The author and artist of this work is Alexander Ver Huell (1822-1897). Ver Huell was well respected for his humoristic sketches of the Leiden student life in word and sketch. He became internationally known through his bundle ‘Op het IJs’ (On the Ice.), which included sketches from the French periodical L’Illustration. The lithographs in this bundle were made by C.C.A. Last and published by P. Gouda Quint, Firma is An. Nijhoff en Zoon te Arnhem (The Netherlands).

Condition: Fine. General age related toning and occasional light staining from handling as visible on image.


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