Rare Antique Print-CLEOBIS & BITON-TEMPLE ARGOS-SACRIFICE-by Nicolas-Pierre Loir-17th.c.



Cleobis and Biton, dragging their mother’s chariot, arrive at the temple of Hera in Argos, where they are welcomed by a large crowd  and a bull being sacrificed.


‘Cleobis & Biton fratres …’

By N. Loyr. Nicolas-Pierre Loir / Loyr (1624-1679) was a French draughtsman, painter and etcher / engraver of mostly historic and religious allegories. He was a pupil of Sebastien Boudon and Simon Vouet.

Age: 17th.c.

Watermark: Coat of arms with eagles.

Ref: 2nd State; Robert-Dumesnil 1835-71 III.188.16.III.; The address of Publisher Pierre Mariette ersased from the plate on this ed.

Size sheet: c. 54.5 x 44 cm.



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