Catalogue of available Antique Prints-HOURGLASS-DEATH-MOMENTO MORI-Various-032023



  1. ‘Das Stufenalter des Menschen’, published in Neurenberg by G.N. Renner & Schuster in 1835.; size image: 32.5×27.5 cm on a larger sheet. – 150 euro
  2. ‘Annales de la Monarchie Francoise.’, engraved by Bernard Picart (1673-1733) after his own design; image: 22.3×38.3 cm on a larger sheet; Frontispiece to this work by Henri-Philippe Liemiers published in 1724. – 150 euro
  3. ‘Afbeeldinghe van d’eerste eeuwe der Societeyt Iesu …’, engraved by Michael Natalis after N. van Diepenbeek, published in 1640 by Plantijn in Antwerp.; image 16.2×21.3cm; trimmed and attached to carrier.; Title engraving to this work. – 75 euro
  4. ‘Imago Primi Saeculi Societatis Iesu …’, by Cornelis Galle after Philippe Frutiers, published in 1640 bij Plantijn in Antwerp.; image 19.2×30.7cm; trimmed and attached to a carrier.; Title engraving to this work. – 95 euro
  5. ‘Les Marques d’Honneur de la Maison de Tassis.’, by Michael Natalis after Nicolaes van der Horst, published in 1645 in Antwerp by Plantijn. image 22×36.5cm; trimmed attached to carrier.; Title engraving to this work by Jules Chifflet.; Illustrated history of the family of Thurn und Taxis. – 125 euro.
  6. ‘Het goudweegstertje.’ mezzotint engraving in brown ink engraved by Frederik Chrstiaan Bierweiler (1783-1831) after David Teniers II (1610-1690); masterprint published c. 1810 by Bierweiler; image in very good condition, margins with remains of framing; sheet 25.5×22.2cm; rare not in Rijksmuseum; in Teylers.; trimmed with loss op captions below. – 225 euro
  7. ‘M. Elias Taddel, Rostoch Megapol …’, by Crispijn de Passe, published in 1654 by Pieter de Reyger.; masterprint portrait in excellent condition; sheet: 23.2x33cm; losely attached to carrier. – 225 euro
  8. ‘Iohannes Buxtorffius …’, masterprint portrait of Johannes Buxtorf (1564-1629) at the age of 65, engraved by Jakob von der Heyden (1573-1635) in c.1629 after Johannes Screta.; masterprint portrait in excellent condition; sheet: 21.7×34.6 cm – 225 euro.
  9. ‘The Bathos …’, by Thomas Cook after William Hogarth, published in 1808; engraving on woven paper; size image: 31.8×32 cm on a larger sheet – 150 euro
  10. Portrait allegory, published/made by Pierre Mariette; 17th.c.; sheet 14.8×21.8 cm – 75 euro
  11. S. Petrus… from ‘Triomph der Pausen …’, by Cornelius Hazart, 1678; sheet c.20×30,5 – 60 euro
  12. S. Stephanus… from idem – 50 euro
  13. S. Vigiliu… from idem – 50 euro
  14. S. Zacharias… from idem – 50 euro
  15. S. Stephanus III… from idem – 50 euro
  16. Lucius III… from idem – 50 euro
  17. Alexander IV… from idem – 50 euro
  18. Clemens IV… from idem – 50 euro
  19. Innocentius VIII… from idem – 50 euro
  20. Alexander VI… from idem – 50 euro
  21. Gregorius XV… from idem – 50 euro


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