Antique prints from ‘Voyages … Professeur Pallas-RUSSIA-1794


Catalogue of available prints and maps. Also review the Pallas catalogue with botanical plates only.

  1. Carte Generale de l’Empire de Russie 1787. Monumental map of Russia. One of the largest maps of the 18th century! Extends from Moscow until Kamtschatka and the border to China. Includes a small part of Alaska. – 995 euro
  2.  Title page
  3.  Pl. 26. Carte d’une partie des Gouvernements de Tobolsk et d’Irkoutsk … (Irkutsk) – 125 euro
  4.  Pl. 11. Carte des Colonies Allemandes … Volga … (German colonies Volga river) – 125 euro
  5.  Pl. 9. Carte des Monts Altaisk et des deserts salins qui les avousinent. (Map Irtysh River, Steppe of Northeast Kazakhstan) – 125 euro
  6.  Pl. 17. Carte mineralogique des Monts Ouralsks … engraved by P.F. Tardieu. (mineralogical map of the Ural Mountains) – 275 euro
  7.  Pl. 29. Carte des landes situees entre le Volga et l’Oural, et des contrees voisines. (Map of the region immediately north of the Caspian Sea, extending along the Volga River north to Samara and east to the Ural mountains, including Astrakan and parts of Kazakhstan.) Engraved by Pierre Francois Tardieu. – 200 euro
  8.  Pl. 7 or 2. Carte de la contree qui s’etend le long de la Soka … (Russia Map Region Along the Soka (Sok River), from source to Sergiefskoi Prigorod.) – 95 euro
  9.  Pl. 13 or 3. Plan des Salines d’Jlezki. (Sol-Iletsk, Salt Flats, with Ilek and Ural rivers Russia and the Fortified Town at the confluence.) – 95 euro
  10.  Pl. 28 or 4. Cours de l’Iaik au-dessous de Gourief. (Ural River South of Gurjev, at the Caspian Sea.)- 95 euro
  11.  Pl. 8. or XV. Carte des environs d’Ablaïkit. (Regional map near Ablaketka, a fortified Kalmuck temple in Kazachstan.) – 95 euro.
  12. Pl. XVI or 28. Temple d’Ablaïkit. (Ablaketka, a fortified Kalmuck temple in Kazachstan.) – 95 euro
  13. Pl. XIV or 7. Vüe de la residence d’Ablaïkit. (View of Ablaketka, a fortified Kalmuck temple in Kazachstan.) – 150 euro
  14.  Pl, 17 or 12. Lac Sale de Bogdo. (Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve, also Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky in Astrakhan, a present day nature reserve in a semi-arid area around two notable features: Lake Baskunchak, Russia’s largest undrained salt lake, and Big Bogdo Mountain.) – 95 euro
  15.  Pl. 3 or 13. Femmes Mordouanes de la Tribu Ersanienne et Kalmouk. (Mordova females from the .. and Kalmyk tribes.) – 75 euro
  16. Pl. 4 or 14. Femmes Mordouanes de la Tribu Mokschanienne. (Mordova females from the .. tribes.) – 75 euro
  17.  Pl. 6 or 15. Fille Tchouvache en habit d’eté. (Chuvash girl in summer dress. Chuvashia region.) – 75 euro
  18.  Pl. 8 or 25. Anciens batimens a Bolgari. (Ancient buildings in Bolgari the ancient capital of Bulgaria.) – 50 euro
  19.  Pl. 9 or 26. Ancien batiment a Bolgari, et monnoies. (Ancient building and coins/money in Bolgari, the ancient capital of Bulgaria) – 50 euro
  20.  Pl. 12 or 24. Ancien batiment Tatar a Kassimof. (Ancient tatar building / mausoleum of a Khan in Kassimov.) – 75 euro
  21. Pl. 16 or 22. Idoles Kalmoukes et Mongoles. (Kalmyk and Mongolian idols / gods.) – 75 euro
  22. Pl. 17 or 23. Idoles Kalmoukes et Mongoles. (Kalmyk and Mongolian idols / gods.) – 75 euro
  23.  Pl. 19 or 16. Kirguis a cheval. (Kyrgyz / Kirghiz people on horseback. Kyrgyzstan.) – 125 euro
  24.  Pl. 20 or 17. Femmes Kirguises. (Kyrgyz / Kirghiz women. Kyrgyzstan.) – 75 euro
  25.  Pl. IV or 18. Femmes Metschéraïkes. (Metscherai women in traditional dress.) – 75 euro
  26.  Pl. X or 27. Chapelle Tatare. (Tatar chapel.) – 75 euro
  27.  Pl. III or 19. Ostiaks des deux Sexes: leurs Costumes. (Ostyak, male and female in their traditional dress.) – 85 euro
  28.  Pl. IV or 20. Samoyedes des deux Sexes: leurs costumes. (Samoyedic / Samodeic, male and female in their traditional dress.) – 85 euro
  29.  Pl. XXIX or 21. Hakm ou Magiciens des Tatars Saïgaks. (Magiciens of the Tatars / Tatars-Saïgaks.) – 95 euro
  30.  Pl. 14 or 31. Untitled. (Houses/ huts of Mongolian tribe to be determined.) – 125 euro
  31.  Pl. II or 37. Alauda tatarica. Merops persica. Pelecanus carbo. Pelecanus pigmeus. (Bird species: Lark, Bee eater and Pelican.) – 95 euro
  32.  Pl. III or 32. Moulin Baskir et Pieges pour prendre les oiseaux. (A baskir mill and a bird trap.) – 75 euro
  33.  Pl. 5 et 6 or 38. Anas mersa. Fourneau pour la preperation des cuirs. Trone d’arbre evasé. (Goose species. Furnace for treating leather. Hole made from a hollowed out tree.) – 75 euro
  34.  Pl. VII / VIII or 33 / 33 bis. Cristeaux métallique et amiante. Trébuchets a Zibelines et autres animaux. (Metal and asbestos cristals. A Trebuchet / catapult used for catching sable / marten and other animals. – 85 euro
  35.  Pl. I or 39. Fringilla calcarata. Tetrao paradoxa. (Finch and Grouse species.) – 95 euro
  36.  Pl. II or 40. Grue blanche and untitled items. (White crane. Untitled building, escarpment patterns, knoves and shell.) – 60 euro
  37.  Pl. VIII et IX or 63. Mus arenarius. Sungorus. Lepidium ceratocarpon. (Mouse species. Lepidium ceratocarpa plant species.) – 85 euro
  38.  Pl. X et XI or 66. Untitled. Graminis singularis species. (untitled landscape with ruins and buildings. Gramineae / Grass species.) – 75 euro
  39.  Pl. XVIII or 36. Lepus alpinus. Machoires. (Hare / jackrabbit species. Jaw specimen.) – 75 euro
  40.  Pl. XX or 29. Anciens Batimens. (Ancient buildings / furnaces / ovens.) – 60 euro
  41.  Pl. XXI et XXII or 34. Piege pour les oiseaux. Hydnum clatroïdes. (Traps for birds. Hydnum / fungus species.) – 75 euro
  42.  Pl. I or 35. Cheval sauvage. (Wild horse.) – 125 euro
  43.  Pl. XXX or 30. Pierres sepurales. (Burial stones.) – 75 euro.


We carry all plates frrom this work including the large map of Russia.

Peter Simon Pallas (Berlin 1741-1811) studied medicine and natural history in Germany, Holland, and England. In 1767 he went to St Petersburg and began to conduct research in Russia. He was an eminent botanist, zoologist and geographer, and “sought to advance from merely describing nature to finding the causal interrelationships and hidden regularities of natural phenomena.” Darwin acknowledged his work to have been influential in the development of evolutionary ideas (DSB). In the years 1768 to 1774 Pallas joined so-called “academic expeditions” which traversed the Russian Empire from West to East and explored the Zhiguli Mountains and the Southern Urals, the steppes of Western Siberia and the Altay, Lake Baikal, and the mountains of Transbaikalia. He studied flora and fauna, landscape, geological condition, local population and culture.

Mostly engraved by Pierre francois Tardieu.

This is a preview listing. Please enquire for more information on all or any print / map.

Most Botanical prints are listed in a seperate listing.

Large map scan shows some irregularities due to merge of multiple scans.



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