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Engraving on hand laid (verge) paper. on paper.

Size in cm: The overall size is ca. 20.7 x 32.5 cm. The image size is ca. 14.3 x 17.6 cm. Size in inch: The overall size is ca. 8.1 x 12.8 inch. The image size is ca. 5.6 x 6.9 inch.

Antique print, titled: ‘Qui ayme la vertu, mesprise tout le reste.’ – (‘Who loves virtue, despises everything else’). A man, seated at a table with Athena at his side, points at the page of his book. Three cherubs arrive from the right, carrying a palm branch, laurel wreath and fasces. In the background a procession of a victorious army (the general in a chariot with a second figure holding a laurel wreath over his head) is depicted. From: ‘La Doctrine des Moeurs […]’ printed by Louys Sevestre for Pierre Daret, Paris, 1646. First edition. Author: Marin le Roy de Gomberville. Made by order of Mazarin for the instruction of the young Louis XIV. The plates are copies in reverse after Otto van Veen’s emblems in ‘Q. Horatii Flacci Emblemata.’ Ref: Brunet II 1658.Artists and Engravers: Made by ‘P. Daret’ after ‘Otto Vaenius’. Otto van Veen, also known by his Latinized name Otto Venius or Octavius Vaenius, (c.1556-1629) was a painter, draughtsman, and humanist active primarily in Antwerp and Brussels in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

Condition: Good, given age. Some stains in margin. Creases in the lower right margin and top left margin corner. A small tear in the left margin. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.


(PCO) A331-24

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