Antique Print-old colouring-gold heightened-MAN OF WAR-ADMIRAL’S FLAGSHIP-Hubert Jaillot-1693



17th.c. Admiral’s Warship.

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‘Coupe d’un Amiral de 104 pieces de Canon …’

Engraving of a cross section of a 17th.c 3 mast war ship with 104 canons, taken from the most prestigious Sea Atlas ever produced: ‘Le Neptune François, ou Atlas Nouveau des cartes marines…’, by Hubert Jaillot, published in Paris and Amsterdam by Pieter Mortier, 1693-1708.

Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (1632-1712), was a French cartographer. He married the daughter of the ‘enlumineur de la Reine’, Nicholas Berey and inherited thus a map and print publishing firm. When Nicolas Sanson, the premier French cartographer of his days, died he negotiated to republish much of his work. He re-published many of Sanson’s maps on a larger scale. His maps were admired for their beautiful cartouches. In 1686 he was awarded the title of Geographe du Roi by Louis XIV. Jailliot was succeed by his son, Bernard Jean Hyacinthe Jaillot (1673-1739), grandson, Bernard Antoine Jaillot (died 1749) and the latter’s brother-in-law, Jean Baptiste-Michel Renou de Chauvigne-Jaillot (1710-1780). Publisher: Pieter / Pierre Mortier (1661-1711). The 18th century Dutch map trade could build on their reputation that originated from the Golden Age much longer than was assumed until now. The Amsterdam publishing company Covens & Mortier (1685-1866) has played an important part in this process. Most likely this company was the largest map trader of his days. Thousand of maps were brought on the market by Covens & Mortier, often edited from earlier sources and all members of this firm were gifted with a great commercial talent. Pieter and David Mortier were booksellers in Paris from 1681-1685 and have published a wide range of geographical works. After Pieter’s death, his widow continued the business until their son Cornelius took over in 1721. Cornelius started a partnership with his brother-in-law Johannes / Jean Covens and established the famous publishing house “Covens and Mortier” in Amsterdam. They have re-issued Atlases of Sanson, de l’Isle, Visscher and de Wit.

Size sheet: 31,5 x 27 cm.

Condition:  light soiling; light browning; light creasing particularly at paper edges; trimmed to image; a few small tears in paper edges, backed.

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