Majorinus Numida – This original antique print depicts Majorinus, he was a bishop of Carthage in dispute with Ceacilianus. He favored the so-called Donatist sect. Het died ca. 329 AD. The background to the controversy was the wave of persecutions of Christians by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. At that time some Church leaders – unwilling to endure torture or death and become martyrs – had been ready to take such acts as worshipping the gods of the old pantheon, considered idols by Christians, or surrendering church books and property to the imperial authorities. Such people became known as “traditors” (“surrenderers”). One of these “traditors”, named Caecilian, had returned to the fold of the Church once the persecutions ended, and was consecrated Bishop of Carthage and Primate of North Africa. Those of the faithful who refused to accept the authority of such a spiritual leader raised Majorinus as a rival bishop; however, Majorinus died shortly after being consecrated, and it fell to Donatus to take his place and continue the struggle.

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Majorinus Numida

Engraving/etching on hand laid (verge) paper.
Sheet size: 19,6 x 31,5 cm. (7,7 x 12,4 inch). Image size: 15,7 x 26 cm. (6,2 x 10,2 inch).

This scarce print originates from: ‘Historie der Kerken en Ketteren van den beginne des Nieuwen Testaments tot aan het Jaar onses Heeren 1688. […]’ (transl.: History of Churches and Heretics from the start of the New Testament until the year of our lord 1688 …), by Godfried Arnold, Dutch edition published by Sebastiaan Petzold, Amsterdam 1701. This edition contains portraits of heretic figures, etched by the reknown Romeyn de Hooghe.

Made by R. De Hooghe after Arnold. Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) was an important and prolific late Dutch Baroque engraver and caricaturist. De Hooghe was skilled as an etcher, draughtsman, painter, sculptor and medalist. He is best known for political caricatures of Louis XIV and propagandistic prints supporting William of Orange. During his career, de Hooghe produced over 3500 prints. He also illustrated books, and his illustrations can be found in some of the most important texts of his period. Author: Gottfried Arnold (pseud. Christophorus Irenaeus) (1666-1714) was an important German Lutheran theologian and historian.

Condition: Very good, given age. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.



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