Antique Print-AMERICAN BEAR-URSULUS-WOLVERINE-Edwards-Seligmann-1749-1776



Der kleine amerikanische Bar. Ursulus, Lupo affinis Americanus. Le petit ours, ou Louveteau. – This hand coloured print shows a small American Bear behind some rocks and plants.

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‘Der kleine amerikanische Bar. Ursulus, Lupo affinis Americanus. Le petit ours, ou Louveteau.’

Etching / engraving on hand laid (verge) with original hand colouring paper. Watermark: Honig & Zoon.
Sheet size: 35 x 26 cm. (13,8 x 10,2 inch). Image size: 26 x 20,5 cm. (10,2 x 8,1 inch).

From: “Sammlung verschiedener auslandischer und seltener Vogel”, Tafel 102, 4.Teil. Completed and edited by Joh. Michael Seligmann (translated from Catesby and Edwards by Georg Leonhard Huth). “The collection was published between 1749 and 1776 in 9 parts and 5 volumes in Nuremberg and thus almost simultaneously with the original editions by Mark Catesby and published by George Edwards. In these, among other things, undiscovered bird species were depicted in their natural environment and Edwards drew after the living animal in order to achieve a natural way of representation. In addition to the birds, there are also some other animals, such as a marmot, described.

Made by ‘Johann Michael Seligmann’ after ‘George Edwards’. Johann Michael Seligmann (1720-1762) was a German artist and engraver best known for his ornithological artwork in Sammlung verschiedener auslandischer und seltener Vogel (Collection of various foreign and rare birds) of 1749, which included plates based on the works of Mark Catesby and George Edwards. Seligmann received his initial training in engraving and art at the Nurnberger Malerakademie and some of his earlier works included the depictions of various rocks and minerals. His other works included the Opera Botanica 1754 written Konrad Gesner. George Edwards (3 April 1694 – 23 July 1773) was an English naturalist and ornithologist, known as the “father of British ornithology”.

Condition: Good, given age. Brownish in the margin, remains of tape glue in the corners, both, not effecting the image. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.


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Dimensions 26 × 35 × 1 cm


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