Antique original painting-PANORAMIC LANDSCAPE-NIJMEGEN-KLEVE-Pieter Caspar Christ-19th.c.



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View from higher grounds near Nijmegen / Kleve ? We have not been able to determine the exact location, but the landscape resembles the the area in between Nijmegen and Kleve. A church tower at mid distance.

Oil on marrouflé (linnen on wood panel). Image c. 25 x 15,5 cm. Framed. The image framed shows quite a bit of light reflexion.

By Pieter Caspar Christ (1822-1888), who was the son and student of his father J.F. Christ. He was a painter of the romantic school painting city- and landscapes in the style of his father. He first lived and worked in Nijmegen, later in Arnhem, but also travelled along the Rhine. He worked accasionally with Wouterus Verschuur. His work can be found in Nijmegen and Arnhem museums.


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