Antique Master Print-STUDY-DEATH MAN-MAN WITH ARROWS-della Bella-1643-1648



This prints shows a study of the death and a man; both head and shoulder studies, to left death shouting to the right, and to right, a Pole in profile facing right, wearing a fur cape and plumed hat.

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etching on hand laid (verge) paper.
Sheet size: 9,1 x 3,5 cm. (3,6 x 1,4 inch). Image size: 8,6 x 2,7 cm. (3,4 x 1,1 inch).

This attractive print originates from the series: Recueil de divers griffonemens et preuves deau forte. Published by Jacques van Merle in: Saint-Jacques, rue Europe: France: Ile-de-France (region): Paris France. Series of 47 etchings according to De Vesme/Massar, although 16 of these were never seen in any print collection by them and are listed only quoting from Jombert. BM lacks another two in the series. It should be noted that two series were made by Stefano della Bella in c. 1646, both with the same title. Lettered within image with production detail: “SDB. fec.” Ref: De Vesme/Massar 1971 / Stefano della Bella. Provenance: Stamp “Doublette der Kunsthalle Bremen”, collectors monogam RV.

Made by ‘Stefano della Bella’ after own design. Stefano della Bella (Italian, Florence 1610?1664 Florence). Etcher and draftsman Stefano della Bella worked ceaselessly creating thousands of drawings and prints. Like a devoted photographer intent on capturing the major events of his time, della Bella recorded the lavish theatrical pageants of Florence’s nobility, daily life in Rome and Paris, and the battlefield realities of the Thirty Years War. Della Bella began his career in the studio of a goldsmith, but apart from this early apprenticeship, della Bella was basically self-taught. Before the age of twenty, he had allied himself with the powerful Medici court, which provided him with patronage throughout his career. With the Medici’s support, in 1633, della Bella traveled to Rome where he remained until 1639. During these six years, he honed his drawing skills. He largely avoided studios and worked outdoors, recording ancient and modern buildings, the countryside, public spectacles, and the daily activities of the Roman people. Della Bella would later mine his sketchbooks for figures and backgrounds for his prints. Supported by the Floretine ambassador, in 1639, Della Bella relocated to Paris. For the French nobility, della Bella created a diverse range of prints including battle scenes, architecture, and animals. He moved effortlessly between large, topographically precise landscapes and fanciful works commissioned by Parisian dealers. He returned to Florence in 1650 where he again served the Medici court. (source: wikipedia)

Condition: Good, given age. Remains of paper tape on reverse. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.



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Dimensions 3 × 9 × 1 cm


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