[ALMANACS] Der wahre und ächte Hinkende Bote 1843 [Offenbach: 1842]



Interleaved copy of this 1843 Frankfurt limping messenger almanac.

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Der wahre und ächte Hinkende Bote, gedruckt zu Offenbach 1843 und zu finden in Frankfurt a. M. in der Jäger’schen Buchhandlung.

Offenbach: Jäger’schen Buchhandlung, 1842. Unpaginated, 46 pp.
Illustrated with small woodcut vignettes, a woodcut title plate and one full-page plate.
8vo. Contemoprary marbled paper wrapper.
This copy interleaved in the first half, with some manuscript annotations.

The almanac contains the calendar of fairs and markets, rememberance days, sunrise and sunset times, and information on the moon. It also details work to be done on the field, sowing dates and general weather information. Additionally, there are country-related stories and contributions about events in the past year. Finally, city gate closure days for Frankfurt are also listed. These Hinkender Bote almanacs are thus named as at the time of initiation (war)invalids often only had the opportunity to work as newspaper salesmen or messengers. This is reflected on the title page by the peg-legged old soldier handing an envelope to the wealthy figures opposite him. A snail signifies the slowness of the limping messenger.

Good, some scattered soiling and staining. Spine a little worn.

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