Watercolour Drawing-INDIAN-WILD WEST-CAMP-BUFFALO BILL-Otto Eerelman-c.1883


Encampment of Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill and Indians during their Wild West Show.



Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) was a Dutch artist born in the Dutch city of Groningen in 1839, where he studied with the Dutch history painter J.H. Egenberger at the Minerva Academy. He later studied and worked in Paris in 1867. He returned to Groningen from 1867 till 1874 to teach at the Minerva Academy. He then decided to fully focus on painting and moved to Brussel (1874) and The Hague (1875-1902). With a stop in Arnhem he finally returned to Groningen, as a famous artist. Although widely reputed for his paintings of the royal family, particularly Queen Wilhelmina, Eerelman was primarily known for his detailed renderings of horses and dogs. He is condidered the top painter of horse scenes in the Netherlands in the 19th. c.

This watercolor painting by artist Otto Eerelman (Dutch, 1839–1926) represents an important contribution to western American art from the perspective of a European artist. Eerelman, like George Catlin, spent time with the Mandan Indians. The painting depicts the encampment Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill and Indians probably during his Wild West Show at the Barnum & Bailey circus in London, England, in 1883.

Size: c. 53,8 x 36,5 cm.

Condition: Very good; remains of paper from previous attachment on rear. please study scans carefully.


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