Rare Antique Print-MAN-SIDE-MUSCLES-PEDESTAL-Wandelaar-Albinus-1747



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Subject: Antique print, untitled. This plate shows the muscles of the side of a male figure, standing in front of a pedestal. Wandelaar placed his skeletons and musclemen against lush ornamental backgrounds to give them the illusion of vitality, using contrasts of mass and light to produce a three-dimensional effect. The most famous plate in the atlas depicts a skeletal figure standing in front of an enormous grazing rhinoceros, sketched by Wandelaar from the first living specimen in Europe, which had arrived at Amsterdam zoo in 1741″ (Norman).
Condition: Very good, given age. Horizontal folding in middle. Margins cropped to or slightly over the image edge, extended and reinforced using contemporary paper backed with acid free archival tape. Where cropping removed part of the border, this was redrawn with pen and ink during restoration. Occasional light retouching of image at top and bottom with pen and ink. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.
Medium: Etching/engraving on Hand laid (verge) paper.
Size (in cm): The overall size is ca. 42.7 x 55.9 cm. The image size is ca. 38.6 x 52.8 cm.
Size (in inch): The overall size is ca. 16.8 x 22 inch. The image size is ca. 15.2 x 20.8 inch.
Part Number: 50240
Location: PCO-P7-21
Description: This print originates from: “Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani”, Leyden: 1747. Rare.

Artists and Engravers: Made by ‘Jan Wandelaar’ after ‘Bernhard Siegfried Albinus’. Jan Wandelaar (1690-1759) was a Dutch painter, engraver and etcher, born in Amsterdam. Wandelaar was a pupil of Folkema, van der Gouwen and De Lairesse. In turn he would teach Lyonet and Delfos. His anatomical engravings (for Ruysch’ Opera and Albinus Tabulae) are the main base for his renown and highly esteemed. He died in Leyden. Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (born Weiss, 1697-1770) was a German-born Dutch anatomist. His father was professor of medicine in Frankfurt, but later transferred to Leyden. Albinus began his studies at age 12, under Boerhaave and Bidloo. He was then instructed by Sebastien Vaillant and Jacob Winslow in Paris, and afterwards wholly devoted himself to anatomy and botany.



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