Rare Antique Master Print-MONKEYS PLAYING HUMANS-DOCTOR-BARBER-CAT-Schenk-Pool-c.1720



Plate with monkeys playing human scenes. Displayed: Monkeys / Doctor / Barber letting blood, bandaging patientsm trimming a beard, caring for patienst amongst which a cat.

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From a series of 15 plates: ”t Aapenspel in de Werelt’ (World’s Monkey game.), published by Leonard Schenk c. 1720.

According to Frederik Muller probably engraved by Mattys Pool. Mattys Pool (1670-1732) worked as a printmaker/publisher in Amsterdam. He travelled to France.



Och Aapjen, ‘t zy gy doet laeten, verbint of scheert, (Oh monkey whenever you let blood, bandage or trim,)

Handelt het Katjen zagt, want haer geen kragt onbeert. (Treat the cat kindly, because she does not lack power.)


Condition: Light soiling and creasing mostly in margins; Large horizontal tear at bottom right margin, backed.

Size: Sheet c. 22,5 x 17.3 cm.; Image c. 19 x 15 cm. Circular watermark.

Ref: F.M. 3697a: “Latere uitgave van Schenk van oudere platen welligt (…) door [Matthijs] Pool [1670-1732] gegraveerd.”


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Dimensions 19 × 28 × 1 cm


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