[PHOTOGRAPHS] Mole d’Escale du Verdon … [Bordeaux, 1930-32]



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‘Mole d’Escale du Verdon / Landing Quay of Verdon-sur-Mer [Estuary Bordeaux]’

PHOTOGRAPHS Mole d’Escale du Verdon / Landing Quay of Verdon-sur-Mer [Estuary Bordeaux] [3 Albums]. July 1930 – 13 May 1932.. Original publisher’s brown cloth-covered board bindings, oblong shaped large 4to: Contents: 332 [& 11] large original photographs with captions of the construction of this monumental building. Unique collection. ¶¶ Very fine copies.
¶¶ “The pier of Verdon-sur-Mer is one of the remains of the modern historical heritage of the Pointe du Médoc. These buildings, which allow passengers to reach the ships directly from their train, were largely destroyed by the Germans in 1944.
In 1910, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce imagined to build an outer harbor, built at the end of the Gironde estuary to allow passengers greater comfort.
The project did not emerge until after the First World War and owes its construction only to the money resulting from the German war damages. There are nearly 1000 workers who succeed on the site.
This pier benefits from innovative construction techniques: sink batteries, hydraulic dampers for docking ships, … It is built in a pure art deco style and includes many lounges, a bar, a large hall. It is connected to the ground by a 370m viaduct through which trains approach closer to the stopover. The railway uses the first electrified line of the SNCF.
The outer harbor is equipped with two long landing faces each of 317 meters. It consists of five sixty-meter tables resting on twelve reinforced concrete piles.
After four years of work, the pier was inaugurated on July 22, 1933 with the call of the Champlain who landed pilgrims for Lourdes.
One of the last stops was the “Massilia” in June 1940. While the French government retreated to Bordeaux, 40 parliamentarians tried to join North Africa to form a government.
When the German army invests the Medoc, it installs on the pier several anti-aircraft batteries.
In 1944, during the fighting for the liberation of France, the mole was largely plasticized by the German army. A testimony of these fights still exists, in the form of the wreck of the German ship Z24 which lies near the piles of the pier.
In 1964, it is restored for docking tankers “. [C’est En France – Patrimoine de France]. (HGE)


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