[NIJNATTEN, Ben] Titel Test Boek [Nijmegen: 2019]



Portfolio with 40 matted plates showing the Passion of Christ.

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Nice book with 20 lithographs.

95893~HOLLAND, TOM~Rubicon. The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic.~London.~Abacus [Little, Brown Book Group].~2007.~Original publisher’s rose paperback, pictorial frontcover, reissue [2003], thick 8vo: xxxij, 430pp., 38 coloured illustrations, 9 maps, chapternotes & references, list maps, note proper names, timeline, bibliography, index, table of contents. ¶¶ Fine copy.~~9780349115634~History Geschiedenis Geschichte Romeinen Rome Romeins Europa Romeins Italië Romeins Keizerrijk Romeins Nederland Romeinse Beschavingen Romeinse Geschiedenis Romeinse Godsdiensten Romeinse Keizers Romeinse Keizerrijk Romeinse Literatuur Romeinse Republiek Romeinse Rijk Römer Romeynen Römische Zeit Römisches Kaiserreich Römisches Reich Romans Roman Antiquity Roman Army Roman Empire Roman Europe Roman History Roman Italy Roman Literature Roman Period Roman Politics Roman Republic Roman World Imperial History Imperial Rome Imperium Romanum Imperialism Imperialisme~~MARLE II~10~1


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