Italy related prints [Giulio Ferrario, 1828] Catalogue-3 of 3


Italy related prints [Giulio Ferrario, 1828]

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Preview catalogue of rare attractive original old antique prints / plates that originate from: ‘Il Costume Antico e Moderno …’ , by Giulio Ferrario, published in Milan in 21 volumes by Antonio Fortunato Stella in 1827 (first edition, second issue). The 17 volumes of the first issue were published sequentially between c. 1815/1816 until 1826 after first being issued in 143 weekly installments. The work appeared in Italian and French. Smaller size editions with smaller much less elaborate plates were published in Florence (1823-38), Naples (1831-42) and even a 16mo. editon in Livorno (1830).

Giulio Ferrario was founder of the ‘Societa Tipografica de Classici Italiani’ and served as the director of the Braidense National Library in Milan, Italy. Artists that worked on this monumental work are: Gallo Gallina, D.K. Bonatti, A. Biasioli, L. Rossi, Paolo Fumagalli, Gaetano Zancon (1771-1816), G. Bigatti, C. Bramati, G. Gallo, C. Bottiglia, G. Castellini, Antonio Rancati (1784-1816), Vittorio Raineri, Sydney Parkinson, Castelli, A. Sanquirico (1777-1849), Angelo Monticelli (1778-1837), A.L. Rossins, Bottigella and others.

Size: varies.

Medium: Line and aqatint etching with original hand colouring.

Condition: mostly very good; General age related toning. Please inquire about condition of specific plates.

We absolutely guarantee the authenticity of this item. These are original prints from 1828!

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