Antique Prints-Engravings-Cat. 2-BAVARIA SANCTA-GERMAN SAINTS-Raphael Sadeler-1615


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From ‘Bavaria Sancta …’, by Matthäus Rader, published in Munich. From the original first ed. published 1615 (vol.1), 1624 (vol.2) and 1627 (vol.3). Most plates from vol. 1. Plates were sold bound as such but also sold individually. Very scarse.

This hagiography work was commissioned by Maximilian I (1598-1651) to memorize the holy dead and highlight the power of their relics and devotion as an attempt to rewrite Catholic hagiography in light of Humanist criticism and Counter Reformation. I was also a piece of propaganda to glorify Maximilian and his confessional, political and territorial ambitions.

Author: Matthäus Rader, a Jesuit from Tyrol, Professor of Rhetoric in Augsburg and later Munich. Engraved by Raphael Sadeler I (1560-1632) and his son Raphael Sadeler II (1584-1632) after Johann Matthias Kager and Peter Candid.

Ref: Brunet IV, 1085; Lentner II, 4095; De Backer VI ao. 1376-1377; H. 239-298, 299-342 (Sadeler I); H. 157-201 (Sadeler II).

Copperplate engravings size c. 15 x 21,5 cm. on larger sheets of hand laid paper. Ocassional small holes and tears mostly in paper edges. Partly backed. Please study scans carefully.

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