6 Rare Antique Insect Prints-GRASSHOPPERS-MIGRATORY LOCUSTS-Caspar Stoll-1787




From: ‘Natuurlyke en naar ‘t leven nauwkeurig gekleurde afbeeldingen en beschryvingen der …’, Dutch ed. published by J.C. Sepp, Amsterdam 1787.

5 Plates with migratory locusts. Includes text pages.

1 Plate with crickets (?).

Caspar Stoll (c.1725/1730-1791) was a naturalist and entomologist, best known for the completion of De Uitlandsche Kapellen, a work on butterflies begun by Pieter Cramer. He also published several works of his own on other insect groups. Stoll’s 1787 publication on stick insects, mantises, and their relatives is also well known. It was translated into French in 1813. Caspar Stoll was born in Hesse-Kassel, Germany but lived most of his life in The Hague and Amsterdam. In the latter, he worked as a functionary (either a clerk or a porter) at the Admiralty of Amsterdam He married his first wife, Maria Sardijn, on 18 January 1761, they married in a church in Scheveningen. Her brother was a tax collector and a notary. Stoll appears to have worked for a notary as well: several times he put his signature as a witness.

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