2 Rare Antique prints-SEA BATTLE DOGGERSBANK-ZOUTMAN-Marianus-c.1781



The first print shows the start of the sea battle of the Doggersbank in 1781 between the Dutch under Zoutman and the English under Parker.

The second shows the end of this sea battle.

Part of a series of 4 prints of sea battles engraved by Joseph Marianus after Mathias de Sallieth’s engraving after Johan Frederik Reitz (FMH 4426/1), made 1781-1788, published in Augsburg.

These two plates depict the Doggersbank sea battle. The other 2 show the sea battles of Cadiz and Cape St. Marie near Curacao.

Images c. 43 x 29 cm. on larger sheets and with larger plate marks.

Ref: FMH 4430.

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